June 08, 2012

[Armchair BEA] Day 5

Holy crap !! That was a fast and fun filled week ! I had a blast writing up these posts and seeing other's posts as well. Not only that, but I joined in on the last twitter party, which was, by the way, AWESOME !! There were questions about length of reviews, networking, when networking turns into spam, everything was just cool. I learned so many new things during this week, and I've been inspired to get to know my book community better. I've been inspired to find a local indie/bookstore, and help promote their events because I want to have a different sort of relationship with people in my community, and it seems really fun too.

So today's topic is The Future of Book Blogging.

I really like this topic, because this is the day where I get to ask you a few questions about book blogging. So here goes:

  • Do you like the appearance of my blog ? (the colours, font, etc.)
  • Would you guys be up for a few author interviews if I can possibly do it ?
  • If there were to be an author interview, would you like to be able to pitch some questions in ? I would also really like a list of what general questions to ask an author. (:
  • How do I add the twitter widget ? LOL... I've tried...
  • If you could change one thing to make my blog better, what would it be ?
  • How do I promote my blog to get more people to follow ?
  • I'm wondering, how do guest posts work ?
  • Do people nowadays usually follow just because they get an extra entry in giveaways ?
  • Do giveaways promote a blog ?
  • How do I connect with an author, and will they usually reply ?

It's hard to think of some questions, as I'm a green thumb to all this. I try my best not to care about the amount of followers sometimes, but it's hard not to. I just do what I want on here though, but I still want to promote my blog as well, and spread the word to a few others.

You can ask me a few questions as well, it doesn't really matter what the question is, anything from my favourite colour to personal questions. Though I might not answer the REALLY personal ones ahah.

I hope everyone had a blast with the Armchair BEA, and I'm really looking forward to next year.

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  1. I'm not sure on adding twitter or anything, because I don't use blogspot. But I do like the colors and layout on your blog. It's easy to read, and the light green is a nice change from white.

    I've connected with authors on Twitter so far, and have gotten replies. I've emailed with a few, too, to arrange review requests and such.


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