June 06, 2012

[Armchair BEA] Day 3

The topic of day 3 is.........

Networking... In Real Life

Basically we have to write about a time where we positive experience with books. Something that happened in the book community or what not. This topic really stumped me, because I've actually just recently became involved in book blogging. However, I think that when you talk to others about reading a book, or really just discuss what happened in a book is really positive. You're getting other's thoughts on it, and maybe they have theories of their own as well as you do too.

Most of the time, I don't network much with others because believe it or not, I'm quite shy too ! I'm not the type of person to just boldly ask people about things or interact easily with others. I'm fine with strangers, it's not really awkward or anything, but sometimes I just don't feel comfortable bursting out in front of others.... because that's what I do when I find things in common with others. I burst out, just go on a full rampage and hug them and stuff... do things that scare people away. My close friends know how it is, and they've experienced it, so it's all good. But strangers, they're just going to get as far away from me as possible. LOL, that's one of the main reasons why I DON'T exactly network with others in real life, I just scare them away. 

Sorry for such a short post, but I really had no idea how to write it up, but I tried my best !! I can't wait for next year too, this is so much fun, being able to participate !! Thanks to the Armchair BEA for coming up with such a brilliant idea ! I'm honestly having a blast, and trying to study for finals at the same time isn't easy !!


  1. I do think that we are all shy in some way, and talking about books makes up more talkative. I do recommend to my real friends and share my books with them. Its not a short post.

  2. I do believe it, because I am shy too and totally get what you are saying! But here's what I think you should do... start a book club! I'm sure you can find others in your area that love books and then you'll be set! Good luck!

    1. Thank !! And that's a great idea !! I'm sure my school hasn't started one yet, so maybe i can organize one next year. (:

  3. You are not alone. But, if you find people who want to talk about what you love (like books) it makes it easier to talk to them! Thanks for visiting.


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