June 04, 2012

[Armchair BEA] Day 1

Hello beauties ~

Today is day 1 in the Armchair BEA. Regretfully, I couldn't make it to the actual BEA to meet bloggers and authors because:

1 - I'm 13, my mom is obviously not going to let me
2 - I've got exams coming up
3 - I live in Edmonton, Alberta... if you know where that is, far away from New York ):

HOWEVER, thanks to Armchair BEA, I get to participate in a way right in the comfort of my bed/computer chair. So let's get rooooooooollllin'

The first day consists of questions that are given to us by the Armchair BEA, just to get to know each blogger a little better. They gave us 10 questions, and of those 10, we select 5 of them to answer !!

Full list of questions here.

I picked five and here are my answers. The number corresponds with the number of the questions they gave us.

1. My name is Leanne, I like photography, reading, book blogging, music, playing piano, eating LOL, sleeping in, and lots of stuff !! I'm 13, live in Canada, with my parents and brother. (: I started blogging just over a month ago and I'm LOVING it. I got into blogging because of Book Twirps, they inspired me. It just looked quite fun, and I love it.

2. Hmm, this is a hard one, I have so many favourites this year !! City of Lost Souls, Divergent & Insurgent, Inheritance Cycle, ahaha. Good thing they said "of 2012" otherwise I'd be naming off books for forever.

3. I'm indecisive. (e.g.) I have no idea what to do with my life, should I be an event planner, photographer, musician, interior designer. YEA, exactly. Indecisive, even when deciding what to eat.

6. My favourite post would have to be my Favourite Book Blogs post. It's probably because they replied to me and quite honestly, I fangirled, hard.

7. That is one hard question. J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, Cassandra Clare, Stephanie Meyer, oh man. I DON'T KNOW, see ? Indecisive.

Well, I hope you enjoyed DAY 1 of the Armchair BEA, there'll be more coming !

P.S. This is so embarrassing, I typed all this up on the wrong blog, but thank god for copy and paste. LOL

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