May 02, 2012

Until I Die by Amy Plum

Chapters Summary
I received this as part of the contest as well, along with Die For Me. This is an ARC :D Read this only if you've read the first one, there will be a bit of spoilers from the first book.

So, if you remember, Charlotte and Charles are leaving, and two revenants are taking their place. Which means, two NEW CHARACTERS !! Their both pretty ancient actually, one's name is Violette, and the other Arthur. I quickly liked Violette, her character is quiet an interesting one.

Kate's character... she has some problems in just trusting Vincent, and questions him quite a bit as well, but so far, she's improving. I think maybe I just don't click with her, the way I do with some characters, but I still love her. Kate does a bit of her own research to find something that will help her and Vincent's situation, while Vincent is off doing his own little thing to help as well, something he thinks will work.

Georgia, oh our Georgia. She's becoming a bigger part of the story, now that she's in on all the revenant stuff as well. Whenever Kate has problems, she goes to Georgia now, and doesn't have to hide anything from her either.

Until I Die also takes us to another city, outside of Paris, and it was pretty nice too !! We get to know how Charles is doing as well, and fortunately, he's actually happy where he is, so no need to worry too much about him. (:

Oh Jules. Remember our joking, Jules ? You get to see a more serious side of him, it's actually pretty hot in a way LOL. (Did I just say that out loud ? No wait, I typed it) Jules INDEED is one of my favourite characters !! <3

Now, I just want you to know, I'm the kind of person who tries to predicts what happens, and I wasn't far off. JUST to prepare everyone (: The way Amy ended it leaves you craving for more, can't believe I have to wait for another year !! I loved the way she threw me off the track I was on, making me believe something else, and then to discover that I was on the right track in mind. Loved this book, took me 3 days to finish with all the homework I had, LOL. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did !!


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Starting a new thing where I put my favourite quote from the book (: Since it hasn't come out yet, I don't want to put it anywhere spoiler free either. Loved this one (:

"Ladies, it's almost midnight. And I, for one, hoped not to have to resort to kissing Gaspard when the clock strikes twelve."

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