May 15, 2012

Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

Paperback: 466 Pages
Publisher: Emily Bestler Book
Published: March 1, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4391-0273-2

Goodreads Summary

Okay. I'm going to start a new thing where I just keep updating when I want to.

May 13, 2012: 

- This book is a bit of a drag. It's probably just because it's a bit too mature for a thirteen year old to be read, but I'm going to finish it don't worry. it talks about something that happens quite often, but in a way is still rare. I haven't been through anything that Zoe has, but I can just imagine how horrible it would feel to give birth to a still born baby.

- I like how this book is told from a few perspectives. Max, Zoe, and Vanessa. Everyone of them has problems that have happened in their lives, and they are all coping with it, whether through God, or just from one another. I find Zoe talking a bit too much about losing her baby... but I guess it's just the whole point of making sure people know how devastated she is.

- I'm starting to like it now, with the addition of Vanessa. It's quite funny (: This is the kind of book that makes me pick up the dictionary a few time, helping me learn new words, but stopping me for a bit from reading the book. Vanessa is doing so much for Zoe by just BEING there.

May 14:

- Reading this pretty much shows how little you know not only about friends, but also yourself. Sometimes, what you realize about yourself will actually surprise you, basically what I'm trying to say is, there's always something to learn.

- Okay, Max is trying to be a know it all, by assuming what's best for Zoe. Absolutely hate people like that. It's not like he knows what she's feeling at all. 

- Love how music therapy works. I'm sitting here reading about a kid with depression start talking and beating the drums. It's so cool how it works, how music connects with people when nothing else does.

- Maybe it's because I'm an atheist, but I'm getting tired for all the Jesus and religious stuff. 

- I'm REALLY not like Max at all right now. He's too into his religion and not caring about Zoe's feelings enough. He's just all like " Gotta do what da bible tells me to do" He's being such a bastard, but that's just me being an atheist probably. 


May 15:

- Max, I knew you liked her, I just KNEW IT. And I also knew I wouldn't like you. You know, it's probably a fucking sin to be in love with your sister in law. Ugh, you never even mean anything you say, you call yourself a good Christian but you lie even after swearing an oath to tell the truth.

- Oh my god, the Christian lawyer swore and then Max did it with her. oh GAWD.

- This court case was hell, but it's finally over. Max did the right thing, YAY. 


Zoe is a musical therapist, dealing with autistic teenagers, burn victims and others with disabilities or issues. All she ever wanted was a child, but she has infertility problems, causing her to have miscarriages. She tries everything she cans, but nothing works, and eventually, her husband, Max, decides to file a divorce.

Max is a landscaper and also surfs a lot. He used to be a college student, but dropped out because he was drinking too much. After he left Zoe, he began drinking again, until one night, he crashed while he was drunk. However, before he crashed, he so an apparition of Zoe, which was the reason he swerved right, and also why he began to believe that there was a Jesus Christ. After being baptized, he was a new person, and began to build his life again. 

Vanessa is a school consoler, and also lesbian. She had to deal with loving someone who wouldn't love her back, and also finally coming out to people. 

My favourite secondary character is obviously Angela. She is soo funny, and I love her energy. She tries to also lighten the mood when Zoe and Vanessa are struggling with staying calm and collected.

I think the ending will be a surprise to everyone, and I'm talking about the VERY end.

This book is important because it talks about something people normally wouldn't like to talk about: being gay, or lesbian. It shows what life is like, and how you can't just wake up one day and be like "oh, I'm gay". It comes from finally being with the one person who you can be yourself in front of, whether it's a girl or a boy, that is in a way what they call love. Also, this was somewhere in the book: Vanessa says "There's a difference between tolerance, and acceptance", hell yea there is.

Something else, love how the mermaid thing is kept out throughout the book AHAHA. The parts that I didn' really like was how the court thing took so long. Well it seemed to take forever anyways, AHAHA.


Favourite Quote:
 " We never know people as well as we think we do - including ourselves"



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